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Why would you want up to £9k in matched funding?

Up to £9k in matched funding – 30% of project value – is available right now

Are you a business owner, with little time to spend on getting support? We have all been there, the heady days of business taking over all the waking hours resulting in  “the tail wagging the dog”. Growth has always been the headline, profits the byline – it’s simple economics that attracts us into becoming business owners – adding value to the market you serve.

Growth can be painful whilst the fruits of your efforts can be very rewarding, talking to businesses across the region it’s easy to see that since the backdrop of the Brexit referendum the powers that be unfolded spectacularly we have all seen those videos of when a fireworks display goes up in 30 seconds leaving the crowd little to wonder at, at that precise moment we as a business community rolled up our sleeves and with that determination continued with business as usual – we really don’t know any different. Survival requires agility, the numbers mirror performance, the future is always bright if you downgrade the naysayers and tackle business issues head-on the world is far from perfect but your business and its domain are in your hands and it’s crystal clear businesses create the wealth of this Nation.

“However, the M&A Index also shows that uncertainties create opportunities with bold, decisive moves potentially resulting in successful deal-making.”-  source Deloitte

Support for growth from Business Growth Hubs is available and here in the West Midlands we are firing up our engines –  9/10 JLR products are destined for export, now back to the headline “Why would you want up to £9k in matched funding?” – It’s because you and your business are looking to build a brighter future.

Together BCABA Network & the Black Country Growth Hub can open doors for your business – are you ready to implement a transformational project that will improve your business? In a nutshell, the process will move as quickly after the initial expression of interest, on approval your project could be complete within  6 weeks. The elements that the project should deliver are Growth in turnover, productivity, margins & job creation.


Black Country Transformational GOLD Growth, Opportunities: Local Delivery

Capital and Revenue Grants

For projects by SMEs in the four Black Country Local areas supported by the European Regional Development Fund.

BCTGOLD is an ERDF funded grant scheme providing match-funded grants to help SMEs in key sectors to grow and create jobs so that they add value to the region’s economy. The scheme is designed to assist SMEs deliver transformational projects, with the aid of ERDF support. Transformational projects are assessed on the impact of the grant support across the business, including overall performance and job creation.

Eligibility – Applicants must pay rates to one of four Black Country Local Authorities – Dudley, Sandwell, Walsall, Wolverhampton.

Trade in one of the Key Sectors:

  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Business Services
  • Building Technologies
  • Environmental Technologies
  • Life Sciences

Social Enterprises trading in one of the above sectors.

Qualify as an SME

Annual turnover less that €50M

Balance sheet value of less than €43M

Employ fewer than 250 people

Be less than 25% owned by another company or combination of companies.

Trading Accounts for 2 years + Current management accounts


BCTGOLD can provide capital and revenue grants up to 30% of total project costs. The grants available range from £1500 to £9000. Higher value grants to support a small number of exceptional projects may be awarded at the discretion of the independent Investment Decision Group.


We can assist in the application process, the first stage is to complete and submit and expression of interest – once received you will receive a response with a few days of submission, applications that are successful will be appointed a Business advisor who will offer support through the full Application Process.

The whole process can be expedited with 6 weeks from entering your Expression of Interest, so should you or someone your know are interested in undertaking a project please contact us.

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